Tubestation is a partner of The Methodist Church of England and Wales, which has played a big part in making a positive difference to Cornwall’s communities in the past. Tubestation runs on a generous love your neighbour attitude and its success has reinvigorated the local community church which is now packed with a real mix of people of all ages, from all walks of life enjoying their spiritual journey.

The church gathers at 10.00am every Sunday at the Tubestation, and everybody is welcome. Outside of the Sunday meeting, there are also small groups and various sessions that take place. These change all the time but you can find out more by asking.

Together we are working out what it means to follow Jesus and exploring the idea that the church exists not just for Sundays but seven days a week to love, serve and benefit those outside of itself, unconditionally, with the full scope of the resources available, just as our forefathers in 1933 had hoped.

While Christian in ethos, Tubestation is totally inclusive and is continually used and enjoyed by people of all faiths and worldviews. Everyone is welcome! Come and join the conversation.

Tubestation is also a partner of Christian Surfers UK, which serves the British Professional Surfing Association on the UK Pro Tour.